3 Awesome Ways to Be Your Reader’s Hero

Robin Emmons is a hero to her community.

When she learned that 72,000 people nearby had no access to fresh produce, she plowed up her back yard and started growing fruits and vegetables.

That was 2008.

Now she has 9 acres of land and 200 volunteers. Robin delivers her produce at half the price her neighbors would pay in a store. This is great because the grocery stores in the area don’t carry a lot of produce anyway.

Want to be a hero to your readers?

Here are three awesome ways to do it.

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When you offer hope for a better future, you're a hero. Click To Tweet

Solve an Impossible Problem

Your reader has something in his life he’d love to get rid of.

If your target audience are writers, these are common struggles:

  • Getting up early to write.
  • Finding something to write about every day.
  • Believing your own writing is good enough.

Find out what bothers the people in your niche.

How do you do that?

Ask your followers to share their biggest struggle.

Ask a question on social media.

Read the blogs in your niche to see what others are talking about.

Work to create a solution – then go public with it.

  • Comment in a forum.
  • Write a guest post.
  • Answer a question on Quora.

Make someone’s troubles disappear and you’ll be his hero.

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Give Hope to the Hopeless

I remember when my business failed.

I was running a small store in a strip mall. Business was okay, but it had trended down with each passing year. When it reached the point of sinking, I decided to abandon ship.

I wondered what I was going to do. How would I pay my bills? What would this do to my career prospects? Would I ever get out of debt?

Then a hero arrived. He bought my inventory and used my store to clear out his old merchandise for the rest of the lease.

When someone is suffering, and everything seems hopeless, she wants someone to rescue her.

When you offer hope for a better future, you’re a hero.

Make Everything Okay Again

If you’re as old as I am, you probably remember this Alka Seltzer commercial from 1969.

“Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is.”

When you’re in pain, it’s relief you want.

When you’re in trouble, you want to get out of it.

When you’re down and out, you just want everything made right again.

When you write to solve someone’s problem, you offer a fresh start. You create an opportunity to put the past behind, forget it, and move on.

That’s what heroes do.

Now Do This

Start being heroic now.

Find a problem to solve. Use one of your own. Or use something you’ve discovered others are experiencing. If you have a way for the pain to go away, share it.

It could be the start of something beautiful.

  • A series of blog posts that turn into a book.
  • Guest posts that lead to coaching clients.
  • Speaking opportunities that set you up as an authority.

How will you save the world with your writing?

See why sharing your idea is a risk worth taking.

Share your story in the comments!

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