How to Sell Your First 25,000 eBooks

Sell your eBook
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Do you want to write an eBook?

What if you could make it a bestseller?

These techniques have sold 25,000 eBooks for me. What I did, you can do, too.

First, let’s get rid of your excuses.

3 Reasons You Put Off Writing Your Book

You’ve thought about it. You’ll write your book someday. But something is holding you back.

  • You’re afraid your book will get lost in the 12 million other titles on Amazon.
  • You think what you want to write has been written already.
  • You’ve got zero budget to market it.

If you have felt any of these fears, relax.

I published my first book on Amazon as a totally unknown author. With the techniques I’ll share with you, this book became (and still is) a bestseller.

Everything has been said already. Write your book anyway. Be helpful. Your readers will benefit. Your book won’t be a carbon copy of the rest.

Flat broke? That’s okay. None of these techniques will cost you a dime.

Now let’s get to it.

Five Things You Must Do to Sell Your Book

There’s a lot of great information about turning your book into a bestseller.

The problem is there’s too much.

Here are five winning techniques that will sell your book – no matter what else you do.

Write the Absolute Best Content You Can

With 12 million titles, you have more competition than you can fathom.

Here are three things that will make your content shine.

Make it easy to read. Explain things in simple terms – so a child can understand. This might bother you, but if your book is hard to read, it won’t sell.

Organize it logically. Let each chapter serve a bigger purpose. They can be a series of steps, or a collection of related topics.

Make it believable. Share something new. Then prove it. Tell a story. Use an analogy. Show the data.

Design an Eye Catching Cover

The best place to find excellent cover examples is the bestseller list. What designs do they use? What appeals to you?

If you’ve got a mobile device, there are some great apps to make your cover with. For five bucks, you can use Typorama or Word Swag. Adobe Spark Post is free.

You can take a background photo or use a free stock photo. Make your title clear enough to see when it’s thumbnail size. Design several covers and choose the best one.

Write a Catchy Title

Your title has 17 microseconds to capture someone’s attention. It’s got to make a big promise – and fast. What’s the biggest reward your book has to offer?

Here are three of mine:

  • 10 Steps to Effective Leadership: Strategies to Maximize Your Potential
  • How to Lead Unwilling Followers: Strategies to Overcome Resistance
  • Strong Leadership: 7 Learnable Traits That Guarantee Leadership Success

A subtitle can strengthen your promise. Give them a taste of what’s inside. Sell a better future. Make it so appealing they have to buy now.

Write Your Book Description Like a Copywriter

When your prospect clicks on your eBook to find out more, you want him to buy.

Start with a headline that restates the number one benefit your reader will get:

  • She can finally get rid of that problem that keeps her up at night.
  • She’ll learn strategies to help her dominate her market.
  • She can discover the secrets only the experts know.

Don’t hold back here. Offer solutions. Encourage her to act now and get that better life!

Test Until Everything Works

You may not hit a home run the first time at bat. That’s okay. In this digital world, you can change your offering every day if you want.

Test your title, your cover, your keywords, your price, and your description. Just don’t do it all at the same time. Little adjustments can make a big difference.

Now You’ve Got a Bestseller

You’ve put in the work. You’ve got a book people love. What opportunities does that create for you?

As a bestselling author, people will see you as an expert.

When your book sells every day, you’ll have a steady stream of passive income.

You can make offers inside your book – and get paid for it! Here are some examples:

  • Offer a free eBook in exchange for someone’s email address.
  • Invite readers to visit and subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Ask them to visit your website for more great resources.

Isn’t that a great way to spread your message, grow your list, and market yourself as a trusted authority?

With this five-part system, your eBooks can make your biggest dreams come true.

Want to know more about selling your book? Ask a question in the comments. Have a success story you want to share? Tell it in the comments.

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  1. Kerrian Adebanjo

    Hey Frank timely post. Thank you.
    I am about to publish my book on amazon kindle and wonder if there is a best time to launch it on kindle. I always get these email the 1st of every month from amazon called kindle first. These are the book going in the promo for £.99. That made me wonder if the first of the month is the best time to launch so my book will be apart of the promo emails.

    Also can you share a bit more about your launching process. How did you do your launch?
    Thank you.

    • It seems Tuesday is usually the better day to launch. I’m not sure the first of the month guarantees you’ll be in the promo email.

      Tell everyone in your network. Email everyone on your list. Ask them to review your book. You might offer a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

      The more people know about your book, the more you’ll sell. And when your book is selling regularly, Amazon will promote it more.

      Good luck!

    • Jed, when I first release a book I tell everyone in my network. I share it on social media. I blog about it. If you want to use KDP Select, you can take advantage of the free days to get some initial exposure. Ask people you know to review it. The more people know about it, the more likely you’ll have buyers.

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