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“If you want to make a living as a writer, I’d definitely use Frank’s coaching and teaching resources because he seems to really know his stuff. ”

Greg Narayan, Founder at DearBlogger.org


Frank McKinley Writing Teacher

Meet your new Writing Coach.

Want to improve your writing? Hire a great writing teacher – someone who is doing and has done a lot of writing – and is able and willing to teach you how to do it.

Do you want to write better articles? 

I’ve written over 1200 of them.

Want to sell your eBook?  

I’ve sold over 25,000.

Need to make a speech about your book or your business?

I’ve made hundreds of them over the past 30 years.

You hire a writing teacher who can sell if you want to make a living from your writing.
  • He knows the obstacles, the challenges, and the fears you’ll experience.
  • He knows how to persevere through all that and come out a winner.
  • And he’ll help you develop a strategy to reach your goals.
Want an individualized plan to help you meet your goals? 
Contact me now at frank@frankmckinleyauthor.com.  


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Here’s what others are saying:

“This is great, your site is compelling and fantastic.”

Todd Harrison, serial entrepreneur featured in Think Like an Entrepreneur: Solid Advice for Writers Who Want to Fast Track Their Way to Success

Frank is an encourager with skill. Under his guidance, you will learn how to write posts faster, and hone your content. If you are looking to write a book he knows how to publish books, and he’ll help you do the same. That’s all great skill building tutelage, but the best part is the Tribe Builder’s Network where you’ll meet other people (like me) who are crazy intentional about networking and promoting each other. After you learn the skill set you want promotion; right? Be sure to join the networking group because you will receive extra eyes on your work and extra names on your list. Get the skill, and get the networking all in one place. Build your Tribe!
Nicole Akers, wetalkhealthy.com

Thank you so much for taking the time to edit my About Page copy. It’s much cleaner and reads with a more consistent focus and flow. And I liked how you created “call outs” with bolding and changing text to headlines.
Mary Jo Campbell, writelikecrazy.com

I absolutely love the content on this website! Frank is authentic, helpful and always open to share his inspiring know-how. It is all achieved through his own practice so it is another reason to go two thumbs up for Frank! He is indeed a trustworthy professional and somebody to rely on. Thank you, Frank, for all your support!
Meg Konovska, justhowcoolisthat.com/

Frank is a gifted and authentic writer! I am always inspired and encouraged after reading one of his posts. A Simple 5 – Step Plan to Get You Writing Faster has encouraged me to pay more attention to the speed in which I write content. For quite some time I had struggled with taking too long to complete my blog posts. Practicing the simple yet powerful steps in this guide has significantly helped to increase the speed of my writing! Thank you Frank for all that you do!
Cori Mann, coriwriter.com

The article, 3 Ways to Move From Aspiring Writer to Working Professional by Frank McKinley inspired me to believe in myself as a writer, and not look to others to tell me so.  The tips for actually acting like a writer and writing like an author are practical and doable.  Thank you, Frank for your encouragement!
How to Kiss Writer’s Block Goodbye Forever – In Just 10 Minutes by Frank McKinley is an encouraging post that I need to keep re-reading.  I need the reminders to keep writing and not let excuses and distractions deflect me away from recording the words and ideas in my head.  I found the concept of small steps and small goals in writing to be particularly helpful.
Are You Listening to Naysayers? Here are 5 good Reasons Not To by Frank McKinley helped me to realize that I need listen to the positive voice inside me and make it stronger than any naysayers.  Unfortunately, sometimes my negative voice can be as strong as those around me.  Thank you, Frank, for helping me to think about the reason I started writing in the first place – to give expression to my thoughts and then to give others the opportunity to share them.  Be gone, naysayers!
Marilyn Newbury, marilynnewbury.com

I love reading Frank’s blog as his posts gives me perspective about life. Frank’s insights are wise and I always take a moment to reflect on my own life after reading one of his posts. His most recent post about finding his voice really spoke to me, reminding me of my own experience as a shy child and how long it’s taken me to find and use my own voice. Frank’s post made me so aware of how valuable my voice and experience is and I will continue to follow his lead and share my voice with the world, knowing how valuable it is – thanks Frank.
Stephanie Berryman – StephanieBerryman.com

Frank knows what he’s talking about and his words always encourage. I’ve reached out to Frank many times and never been disappointed. His instructions are clear, thorough, and easy to follow. Many times he’s reminded me of what I already know when I’ve gotten lost inside my head or emotions. His advice is solid. You can trust him to care about your goals.
Danielle Bernock,  daniellebernock.com 

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