9 Things Breaking Bad Taught Me About Writing

I absolutely love the show Breaking Bad.

I especially identify with Walter White, the main character of the show.

Like Walter, I want to provide a good living for my family. I want to do something so well people will give anything to be part of it. And I want to know that what I do makes a difference.

Unlike Walter, I don’t want to do anything illegal. I don’t want to kill people. And I don’t want to be tormented by the ever-present prospect of getting caught.

So let’s get down to business. Here are nine lessons you can use without guilt – and a lot of success.

1) Have a burning desire to succeed.

I first learned this lesson from Zig Ziglar in his book See You at the Top.

Desire is everything. It is the fuel that drives your engine. It lifts you over the highest hills. It pushes you over the rockiest terrain.

Without it, you never go anywhere.

Do you have a burning desire?

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2) Take advantage of mass desire.

Walter knew people were buying meth – lots of it.

People want escapes. They want problem-free lives. They want thrilling experiences.

Eugene Schwartz called this mass desire – a common yearning many people have.

You can’t create desire. All you can do is channel it into your product.

Does your writing satisfy a mass desire? In other words, can you solve a problem lots of people have – and do it better?

If you do, you’ll have more fans than you ever expected.

3) Do your work so well people rave about it.

Walt made millions cooking meth.

It wasn’t just any meth. It was blue. It was pure. And people gave everything to get it.

We’re wired for excellence.

Throughout history, mankind has created, innovated, and dominated. When you give your best, your customers benefit. When you dig deep, you write powerfully. And when you push yourself one inch further every day, you’ll make history.

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4) Do business on your terms.

When you work as an employee, you have to play by the rules your company sets.

Otherwise, you get fired.

Freedom is scary. But it’s also rewarding.

Sure, you have to take risks. You might succeed. Or you might fail.

It’s all up to you.

Don’t settle for what others want. Add your advice, your opinion, and your ideas. Who knows? One of them might turn into gold.

5) Get others to sell for you.

If you want your business to grow, you need help.

Learn copywriting or hire someone to do it for you.

Do joint ventures. Give something valuable to your partner’s audience.

Network with big hitters. If they like you, your message will spread far and wide.

6) Don’t be afraid to connect with powerful people.

The celebrities in your industry are people like you.

The difference is they’ve already done what you want to do.

We want to give back when life has been good to us. Do a celebrity a favor. Interview him over Skype. Share what you learn everywhere so others get inspired.

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7) Distribute your work everywhere.

Sell your eBooks in every store you can.

Offer coaching services to people who need your expertise.

Build a mailing list so you always have a ready market.

The more exposure you get, the more sales you’ll make.

8) Remember the competition.

Business is a game. Your competitors want to win – some at any cost. You’ve got to watch your back, be smart, and serve your market every day.

Competition shouldn’t scare you. It’s good for you. It keeps you sharp. It forces you to innovate. And it brings more out of you than anything else.

9) Never give up no matter how bad things get.

Walt faced all sorts of challenges.

  • His boss wanted to kill him.
  • His partner stole from him.
  • His empire crumbled in the first year.

You may face similar challenges.

  • Your book doesn’t sell.
  • Disgruntled customers give you negative reviews.
  • Your best proposal fails.

Life comes with success and failure. Get used to it. You only grow when you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Now Do This

If you haven’t, set a goal for your writing business. What do you want to get done this year?

Do you have a goal? Share it in the comments so others get inspired.

You have the tools. Now do the work.

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