A Proven Technique That Will Empower Anyone on Your Team

How would like to learn a technique that will:
  • Save you time
  • Reduce interruptions
  • And get a lot more done?
Today you’ll learn a simple technique that will allow you to do just that. 
Someone Who Used This With Great Success
You may not know who Leon Shimkin was, but you know the company he turned into a giant in the publishing business. 
Leon went to work at Simon and Schuster as a 17 year old bookkeeper. He went on to become chairman of the board and owner of the company. One of his most notable achievements was founding Pocket books, Simon and Schuster’s paperback division. As the company business manager, he sold book rights for additional income – like parts of crossword puzzle books to newspapers, and the movie rights to the “Inner Sanctum Mysteries.”
He also published Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. 
Leon’s job was stressful. He was inundated with meetings and appointments that threatened to sap all his time and energy. After 15 years of this wheel-spinning friction, he came up with the perfect solution. 
Four Questions That Will Empower Everyone on Your Team
The one thing that will empower everyone on your team is having the ability to solve problems. Here are four short questions that, if answered, will save you time, reduce interruptions, and help you get a lot more done. 
What is the problem?

It’s impossible to solve a problem when you haven’t the foggiest notion what it is. 
  • What is it that is holding you back? 
  • What needs to change so you can get where you want to go?
  • What can I do that I’m not doing now?
Look at the situation. Think of what you need to get done so you can see what is keeping you from doing it. 
What are the causes of the problem? 
  • Is there anything you need to know that you don’t know now?
  • Are there resources you need and don’t have?
  • What, if anything, might you have overlooked?
What are all possible solutions to the problem?
There is usually more than one right way to do something. The best way for you might not be the best way for everyone. 
  • Consider everything, even what seems ridiculous. 
  • Maybe you can combine the best of several ideas into a possible solution.
  • Don’t be afraid to challenge traditional thinking to get things done. 
What solution do you suggest?
As a leader, you have to make a choice. 
If you’re not in a position to make a decision, you will have something of value to present to the person who can. 
And many times, going through this whole process will bring the right answer out like a flashlight stands out in total darkness. 
Now Empower Yourself – and Others
The technique that worked for Leon Shimkin and allowed him to enjoy massive success will work just as well for you. 
You’ll spend less time and energy spinning your wheels and going nowhere. 
You’ll possess the one leadership quality everyone needs – the ability to solve problems, big or small. 
And your productivity will skyrocket, because you’ll have the tools to jump over the hurdles in your path. 
What stands in your way when you want to get things done? How will these four questions free you to move forward and get things done?
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