A Stern Warning Against Pride

The second angelic message in Revelation 18:4-8 is not only disturbing, it’s a warning to those of us who belong to Jesus and are watching.

The woman who is speaking here feels invincible. She’s not much different than a lot of us are when we’re young, is she? That’s because we feel we can get away with abusive behavior, for a while, when the years of life haven’t taken their weary toll on us. We go to work hung over. We can function on two hours sleep for three days. We can hide our small crimes until the evidence piles so high that the stench is undeniable.
In a way, our sin is to us, like the smell of our own cigarettes to ourselves. If we smoke enough, then we don’t smell it like the people around us do, especially if they don’t smoke. If you smoke a lot for a long time, you get to the point where you don’t notice the difference in the way you smell and the way non-smokers do.
I use this example not to condemn smokers, but because it’s one many of us can identify with. Now, the same applies to heavy drinkers. I’ve been unmistakably informed that a retail customer has chosen liquor instead of coffee for breakfast more than once in a job I held a number of years ago.
The point behind all this is that often the prideful person cannot see the damage that his arrogance is doing to himself and to others. This lady in Revelation 18 has led many astray with her example. Those who have followed her have chosen a road to ruin. And this road is one where there’s a head on collision with a freight train ahead that will alter that person’s life forever.
The problem is that she thinks she won’t get hit.
Here’s the warning for you. Avoid the appealing teaching that doesn’t square with the truth. It may sound really good and even seem to work, but if it’s wrong, it will come back to bite you – with a grip that won’t let go.
The only way out is to run to Jesus.
Jesus came to bring us truth. That truth is powerful. It breaks the chains of pride, lies, and sin – forever.
Believe that – and be free. Your future will be all the better for it. 
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