All You Have To Do Is Ask

Reproof is a dirty word nowadays.

None of us likes it when someone points out that we’ve blown it. It hurts, especially when they’re right.

If your parents ever punished you for doing something against their wishes, you immediately remember the pain, embarrassment, and loss you suffered. If you were really bitter, you probably told anyone who would listen what heartless tyrants they were. If the news would have carried the story and made you out to be a hero, you might have called a reporter.

But then your sentence might get extended to the point where you couldn’t leave your room until after high school graduation. Of course, you would still go to school but you’d have to come right home lest the ankle belt GPS alert the authorities.

If you have kids now, you understand that reproofs are part of maturing into a productive, responsible adult.

Sometimes God reproves you. Guilt comes with it, as well it should. But Proverbs 1:23 offers hope. If you will change direction when God points out your sin, He will give you everything you need to become what He desires you to be. He’ll give you wisdom and the power to use it. And when temptation comes, He’ll provide the strength to say no.

Let’s face it. None of us is perfect. God is. And rather than stand by and judge us now, He offers help for the asking.

He does it because He loves you and wants the very best for you.

So, will you ask? The answer will be better than you ever expected. You’ve got nothing to lose but your sin.

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