Are You Ashamed?

Are you ashamed to be a Christian?

If you are, maybe it’s because of people you’ve known at church. Some of us are self-righteous because we’ve done it right and we know we have. That makes us come across as arrogant.
If you’re like me, you find arrogant people a pain to be around.
Think of why you came to Christ if you trust Him. Is it because you were so good? Was it because you needed to show church membership on your resume? If either of these are true for you, then you probably haven’t come to Christ. You could easily maintain the feeling of self-righteousness as a member of Toastmasters or the Kiwanis Club.
If you think you’re really good and righteous, you don’t understand the Gospel.
Here’s what the Gospel tells us. We are not righteous. We’re sinners. We’ve broken Gods laws -all of them. Maybe you haven’t committed adultery in person, but if you’ve entertained thoughts of lust, you’ve gone down the same road. If you’ve said you’re clean and pure by nature, you’ve lied.
God requires that we be righteous, pure and undefiled, to approach Him. Since we don’t have purity to bring to the table, we have to get it from somewhere else.
Friend, that is what Jesus offers you.
If you accept His offer, you’ve got it. If you want to be right with God, it is because God has convinced you that you need Him.
Salvation is the work of God. He calls sinners. He saves them. He also perfects them. Since God knows the standard of righteousness He requires, we have to trust Him to bring our salvation to completion.
That is what it means to live by faith. It’s God’s grace that makes it all possible. He doesn’t have to do anything to make us fit for Him, but He does. Why? Because God is love. It is love for us that drives Him. It’s not your goodness. It’s not your heritage. He loves you because He wants to.
You may have shame in your life. But there is no reason under Heaven to be ashamed of the Gospel. And what is even better is, because of the Gospel God makes all your shame irrelevant.
Now that is something to tell the world about!
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