Are You Hungry?

Back in the 19thcentury, hotcakes were a popular item. In fact, they were so called because they were served piping hot. The phrase “sell like hotcakes” arose from the fact that often hotcakes were sold as fast as they were cooked. Since they were offered at events where a lot of people were like fairs and church dinners, it’s easy to see how that worked.

You’ve probably seen the billboards for big camp meetings, concerts, and other events where the crowds are as excited as ants at a picnic in the park. And if they’re raving fans, then they are evangelists for the person or band at the event.
Ever met a Deadhead? It’s the guy who followed the Grateful Dead across the country, taped the concerts, and knows the words to all the songs.
The thing the Deadheads and the hotcake buyers had in common is that they were sold.
When you’re committed, you’ll stay the course.
You know if you want to get to California from Georgia, you’ll have to travel close to three thousand miles. Whether you go by train or plane or automobile, you can’t stop after traveling 2500 miles. Nevada is nice but it isn’t California.
Making a commitment doesn’t guarantee that the thing you’ve committed to will be fun. If you decide to lose weight, you’ll probably have to exercise and change your diet. Habits will have to come under a magnifying glass if you want to be successful. It may feel like you’re using the magnifier to burn your flesh. And you wouldn’t even commit to doing it if there weren’t a desirable reward at the end of the journey.
In other words, if you want the new you bad enough, you’ll go through the pain to get to the pleasure.
In an organization, change requires buy in. It would be great if your team was evangelically fervent about it, but they probably won’t be. What you’re after is agreement. Once you’ve laid the initiative on the table like a patient with his guts exposed, you’ve got a chance to fully explore with your team the weight, consequences, and reward of where you want them to go. Once they understand and agree to this new direction, you’ve sold them.
Commitment is essential to growth and is the best test of intentions there is. Without it you’ll never go forward.  
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