Behind Nature

Have you ever strolled through the woods on a clear, sunny day in spring, seen the splendor of the blooms, heard the chorus of birds and thought to yourself that all this glory could not have happened by chance?

It’s proof that there is an intelligent Designer.

You might well agree that nature itself reveals the existence of God. Romans 1 testifies to this. In fact, we’re wired to know that God exists (Romans 2:15) since His law is written on our hearts. Where did you think guilt comes from? When we do wrong, that inner law brings guilt. What we do when that happens reveals our true allegiance.

While nature reveals the existence of God, it doesn’t tell us what to do with Him.

From verse 18 of Romans 1 to the end of the chapter, we see that when we choose to sin, we bury the truth inside. The difference in knowing there is a God and having a relationship with Him is infinite. We sin because of blindness when we don’t know God. If we do know Him, we sin because we forget we know Him. The core reason we sin is that in that moment, we believe we know best.

There’s a laundry list of trouble we get into when God leaves us to ourselves. We know unbelievers sin by choice. But can Christians? Oh, yes. Christians are in process. Paul speaks to that struggle later in Romans. The difference for the follower of God is that while his sins may get him into trouble, God will not let him stay in that state forever.

Homosexuality is given a paragraph in Romans 1. You may struggle with that or you may not. The next paragraph has enough bad behaviors listed that the rest of us are without hope short of Jesus. Have you ever been jealous of someone? Have you ever embellished the truth to protect yourself? Have you ever been so mad at someone you wished they were as good as dead? If you’ve drawn a breath of air, you’ve done at least one of these. Chances are, you’ve encouraged others to do the same by your words or deeds.

In other words, you are guilty.

Knowing God then is the only way to escape what you deserve. Have you met Him? If you know Him, have you talked with Him lately? Go ahead. It’ll do you a lifetime of good.

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