10 Ways to Write an Unforgettable Memoir

This is guest post by Shayla Raquel. A memoir is more than the true story of your life. It’s your legacy. So if you’re going to write your legacy, don’t you want it to be unforgettable? Can you imagine spending all your time on your memoir, only for it to fall short? While I could’ve […]

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Something to Believe In: 5 Anchors for Every Writer

  This is a guest post by Leslie Newman. I met her at the Tribe Conference after following her work this year. In that time she went from a total newbie to a writer with a list of over 1900 subscribers, 1300 Social Media followers, and over 2 million monthly views on Pinterest. Her top […]

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Love Writing

Why I Love Writing: 54 Writers Share Their Passion

Why do you love writing?   I asked 54 writers I know to finish the following sentence: The one thing I love most about writing is ______.   Their answers will surprise you, challenge you, and inspire you.     What I love about writing…it helps me process my thoughts. It’s awesome for the introverted me. […]

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Engage Your Audience

Engage Your Audience: 8 Tips to Keep Them Reading to the End

Does your writing engage your audience? If not, these 8 tips will change everything. This is a guest post by Dalene Bickel. She has worked in the publishing business since her junior year of college, serving as an editor for both small and large publishers. She also has experience as a ghostwriter and has been […]

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The Medium Experiment: My Interview With Paul Ellsworth

Have you heard of Medium.com? It’s a great place to get exposure for your writing! Paul Ellsworth did an experiment in one of my writing groups. He invited us all to write an article on Medium.com. Then at a specific time – like 1PM on Monday – we would all green heart (recommend) each other’s […]

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Human Behavior

Human Behavior: 5 Things Every Writer Needs to Know

You’re sitting in church and the woman in front of you is letting her kids run wild in the pews. You smile, nod, and try to make a snide expression – hoping she’ll pick up on it and take them to the nursery. She doesn’t. You vow to give her a piece of your mind […]

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Come See Me on Positive Writer!

Today my article, What Art School Failed to Teach Me About Writing & Rejection went live on Positive Writer! Positive Writer is a great resource to visit when you’re filled with doubt about your writing. Bryan Hutchinson has filled it with resources to kick you in the butt, inspire you, and get you writing! You […]

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