Building a Winning Environment

Fred Smith said, “We lead to accomplish the vision of our calling.”

Calling is that thing you can’t help but want to do, regardless of what your friends tell you. Vision is the picture you create of what success in your calling looks like. Accomplishment is what happens when you push through adversity to make your vision real. 

We lead to bring others along to accomplishment. 

We’ve heard a lot about teamwork. In sports, it is essential to winning. Without it, you just have a group of individuals with competing agendas getting in each other’s way. 

There are three crucial keys to building a winning environment for your team. 

The first key is to use people’s talents. 

If you were a coach of a basketball team, you would watch each player closely to see where on the court he performed the best. Then you would put him in that position and build on his strengths there. 

When everyone is using his talents, your team is poised to win. When anyone is in a position of weakness, he and the rest of the team suffers.

The second key is to make success possible for everyone.

John Wooden was well known as a winning coach. He was a man of character. There were no shortcuts to building his winning teams. He didn’t tolerate corrupt practices like changing grades, violating recruiting regulations, or bending the rules of the game. The same conditions applied to everyone all the time. Because of that, all players knew what it took to succeed in an environment without surprises.

The third key is to lead, not dictate.

You may not be into politics. But you have probably heard of what life is like in Cuba now. What was once a prosperous society is now a place where everyone is poor and oppressed. Why? Because freedom was sold for security. 

Leaders may promise to provide you everything, but in reality they can’t. The most they can do is create an environment where you are free to do your best. When leaders dictate more about how work should be done, they crush the creative spirits they are responsible for. 

It is for freedom that people leave dictators, even if it means they might die trying. 

Use these keys and not only can you win, the world will be better for it.

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