Celebrating Victory

In Revelation 19:1-4, we see a party to end all parties.

It’s a grand celebration. There’s an awesome choir of thousands lifting their voices for all to hear. Everyone is rejoicing because the end has come.
The end has come to evil Babylon.
This is significant. During history there have been a long succession of evil empires. They turn their backs on God and grow ripe for His judgment all their lives. When they reach the grave, the debts are called in and the Babylonians are in a heap of trouble that never ends.
This picture should grab us because it’s what we all deserve except for Jesus. If He’s called you to be part of His family and you said, “Yes, I will”, then you’ve experienced more fully something others only taste in this life.
It’s grace that saves us from God’s just wrath against every one of us. Jesus fulfilled the requirements for you to receive God’s grace when He paid your debt on the rugged cross of Calvary. If you bank your hopes on that, you can join the celebration.
And it’s a grand one!
We rejoice about justice when it’s done to someone else. The evil men and women have been locked away in Hell forever. We are happy when a criminal is punished for his crimes.
We just don’t like it when we’re the guilty ones.
Jesus frees you from guilt too.
All you have to do is trust Him.
We can praise God for His justice because our sins have been punished. They’ve been laid on Jesus and taken off the books. They’re gone. Vanished. Never again will we hear of them again from the Judge of all.
That should give you great confidence. That should make you sing like the heavenly choir. It should make you get up and dance and take on the world! Why? Because we all function better in an atmosphere of love and acceptance than one of hatred, criticism, and condemnation.
Our rejoicing can and should go one forever. You’re loved and accepted for all of eternity if you’re His. It’s like having a million free sins. They don’t define you anymore. God’s not angry with you anymore. And He never will be again. He’s working all things for your good. He’ll never leave you or turn His back.
Now go tell others about that. 
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