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We’ve seen a few times in Revelation that Jesus is coming soon. At Christmastime, the world that awaited His arrival was rewarded with a baby born in a hay trough in a small town in Israel.

But it wasn’t just any small town. It’s where King David was crowned many generations prior to the fulfillment of the promised “Seed of David”.
At Christmas, we look back to see that when God promised to send His Son in the past, He kept that promise. Now that fact is celebrated the world over year after year, by believers and nonbelievers alike, for a variety of reasons.
We can easily look at the life of Jesus and see God keeps His word. So it follows that we can trust Him to bring about all the prophecies in the book of Revelation. It doesn’t matter when He does it. His timetable is perfect and we need only trust in that.
Revelation is no doubt a puzzling book, at least in places, because of the allegorical pictures. Some can be applied in a number of ways to several historical events. The point here is that we aren’t supposed to understand everything about God. We can’t even if we try. He is of a different substance that we are. He’s not confined to the boundaries we are. Can you be in awe of something that has no mystery?  If God were not so immense, so complex that we can’t get our minds around Him, would He be worth trusting and worshipping?
Because God loves us, He’s revealed something about Himself. He desires our friendship. Think of your own friends. Don’t you feel a greater friendship with someone whom you know something about, that is, more than you’d know about an acquaintance? Doesn’t friendship imply trusting someone enough to reveal some of the intimate details of your life with him?
God’s friendship with us comes with a great bonus – grace. What is grace? It is the unmerited favor of God. As an acrostic, it means, “God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense”. And that’s why Jesus donned human flesh. He did it for us. He earned righteousness as a man so He could give it away. Isn’t that the spirit of Christmas we should celebrate every day of the year?
If you have nothing else to give, give grace. Then you’ll truly love your neighbor as yourself. 
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