Create a Blog That Supports Your Dreams: My Interview With Dear Blogger’s Greg Narayan (Part One)

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Do you want to create a blog that supports you? If you dream of making a living blogging, this is a must-read.

Here is part one of an exclusive interview I did with Greg Narayan, founder of Dear Blogger! It’s filled with hard-won insights gathered from Greg’s experience. If you want to create a blog that will make your dreams come true, you’ve come to the right place!





Frank: Greg, thanks so much for doing this.


Greg: Hey Frank! Thanks for the great questions, these totally sparked my thinking- let’s see what I can do for ya!


Frank: I’ve got lots of questions, so let’s get started!

First, how did you get started as a blogger?


My first blog ever was a blog about economic reflections from NYC in summer 2010.

I got tired of the limitations on and started a Blogger college advice blog called (note the migration) where we wrote about relationships, money saving, dorm life, Greek life and grades in summer-fall 2010. This college blog taught me how to get name brand sponsors and guest writers. I moved it to in spring 2012 at College Info Geeks suggestion in an adobe days conference. This was was of those life changing encounters and conversations, and soon noticed I was late to the party – every blogger at this conference used

On I learned themes, plugins, SEO  – and the rest is history. WordPress was a newer thing back then (5 years ago). Self-hosting was largely viewed as a difficult techie task and the best resources were a few blogs and books like “WordPress for Dummies”.

I was fielding lots of blog questions on my own from Honest College readers so after some thought I moved to blogging advice in September 2012,  thought of a hundred or so domain names before landing on a decent one, and then with all my drive and passion landed guest posts in ProBlogger and Daily Blog Tips (on the same day, jaw dropped to the floor at my desk) to launch the current blogging operation as we know it.


How long it take to go pro?


Based on the above, exactly 2 years. But I had a day job too. Didn’t leave that until 2014. So more like 4 years, which despite what you may think, through blogging success and failure, were the most fun years of my adult life.


What strategies did you use to make your business big enough to support you?


Almost exclusively 100% guest posting. It’s the only method I know besides writing original content from life’s own rich experiences. Good guest blogging for other big blogs can mean the difference between thousands of visitors, email subs, and ultimately dollars earned someday, or not. I only hope I can give others that guest blogging opportunity now at Dear Blogger, Honest College, and at The WordPress Experience.


Guest posting 101

How to Expand Your Reach: Almost exclusively 100% guest posting. - Greg Narayan Click To Tweet


 What would you do differently if you started from scratch again? on day 1. Day 2 write guest posts. Sometime before the blog setup and writing, I’d find an idol or role model to look up to and ask questions – to use as a sounding board.


I first saw your work on the WordPress Experience. What a great help Cori was! How does that fit into your overall business strategy?


Cori and I help people through the free forums. It’s a lot of work – but nice for people to know we’re there. Just knowing you have a couple bloggers in your corner for fast help means so much to new bloggers who are a bit scared to make a blog.

Cori is very thorough and I think people really appreciate her unique insight and help (even if they were expecting me!) Her blog is going to be a major force in WordPress help – she’s fast with a pen (or keyboard) and that unique combination of WordPress designer and writer – so watching her build that has been really exciting and rewarding for me as more of a teacher role, even though I’m still building and figuring out more features of WordPress every day myself.

WordPress obviously is growing faster and faster and if we can help in a small way that’s great. The codex is just way too techie and I think WordPress loses users because of it. But there’s for beginners. So it’s actually quite a lovely time for anyone – beginner blogger or future web designer- to WordPress.


How can a blogger get organic traffic to his blog?


To get organic blog traffic you need links pointing to your blog. So you can either: 1. Create some massive viral piece of content; or 2. Guest post. You’d be amazed how fast Google notices links to your site – almost as if they were waiting for it – and rewards you with relevant traffic.


To get organic blog traffic you need links pointing to your blog. - Greg Narayan Click To Tweet


How much SEO does a blogger need to know to experience massive success?


None, learn as you go! Trial and error is good, for example I wrote about 20 posts, then saw which 1-2 were ranking in Google, then realized it was from good keywords in the titles, backlinks and other things I really had no idea were important – but then realized were quite essential after all.

Thanks so much to Frank for this honor, very excited to meet and help out a few people in the comments!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview!

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Until next time, check out this video. Greg’s latest work shows a combination of blogging and WordPress design. He gives the full breakdown right here!



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  1. Once you create the blog, always keep dreaming!

    Happy to explain any pieces of this to Frank’s audience in the comments! 🙂

    • Sandy, I’ve recently done what you want to do now. I know you can do it. As Greg says, guest posting will open lots of doors. Look what it’s done for him!

  2. Hi Greg and Frank. Love this interview! So good! I can’t wait for part two!

    Greg, thank you for the your kind words! Love what we do at it’s fun to help people figure out everything WordPress!

    You’ve certainly been an invaluable mentor/teacher on my blogging journey… especially in my beginning! I attribute much of what I’m doing now to all your help along the way!

    I like how you built your blogging bridge when you started out! Kept your job and let everything stabilize! Totally the best way to go!

  3. Thank you for this Frank & Greg. It’s encouraging.

    I’d not heard of wordpressexperience – I’ll have to check it out. I ran into a new problem today. Always learning.

    I’m working on more guest posts. My 6th one should be published soon. Have a couple more places in mind. So far it hasn’t yielded as much as I’d hoped but I’ll keep on keeping on. The law of numbers right?

    Looking forward to part 2.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Danielle!

      Your hard work will pay off. Like Greg says, you learn as you go. If you can do something a little better every time you publish, your reward will come.

      Keep at it. Your message is a good one that people need to hear.

      I’m glad to meet you and follow your journey!

  4. Thank you Frank and Greg for this interview! Well-timed for me 🙂 I keep dreaming and should start guest posting asap ^^ Have a great weekend all!!

  5. Frank, I loved this interview and look forward to part 2. I am a big fan of guest posting. I think it’s important to go to audiences that would be a good fit. Someone interviewed me and it will be on You tube. Is this something I can also incorporate for a guest post??Would love to know.

      • Agreed with Frank! There are a lot of places within a guest post where a youtube video could fit. It could be general short hello video, or an expert discussion on a topic where the video adds to the information in the post, or you could do a whole guest post on how to get interviews done!

        In any case, embedding a video into a post signals to Google that both the post and the video are more valuable. So I think most publishers of guest posts would like it. Hope that helps!

  6. This was SO helpful and inspiring! Thanks for reminding me what I need to do next week – submit a new guest post for Dear Blogger 😉
    Greg, Frank and Cori – you all rock, guys!

  7. As a newbie, I appreciate knowing there is help. Thanks Frank for always being helpful. I am definitely going to be checking out Dear Blogger and all the other resources mentioned.

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