Do It Now!

Procrastination is a really hard habit to overcome because you just never get around to breaking it.

This begins a series based on one of my favorite books, Zig Ziglar’s See You at the Top. The procrastinator is a lot like these biscuits that were small and flat after they came out of the oven. Zig often went to his neighbor’s home to eat because they had a cook. It was during the Depression, and since they were rich, the cook had something to cook. When Zig asked the cook about the flat biscuits, she laughed and said, Well, they squatted to rise but they just got cooked in the squat.”

You can avoid getting “cooked in the squat” by remembering these three things.

First, have a positive outlook on life. Don’t dwell on the problems of the past. You can’t change that anyway. Focus on how you can make the present and the future better by being solution-conscious instead of problem-conscious.

The second thing to remember is that you already have talent. The key is to use it.

One of the traps we fall into is that when we see someone else who is using their talent well, we consider him a genius. We reason there is no way we could do what he or she is doing, so why bother? Besides, it’s easier to complain and do nothing.

Maybe you don’t have the same talent as someone else. But you do have ability that only you can use. It’s your responsibility to make the world a better place as only you can.

If you do, you’re a genius.

If you don’t, we all miss out.

The third thing to remember is to get rid of your excuses. Zig called them “Loser’s Limps”. If you’ve ever watched a football game where the man with the ball is striding toward the end zone and it is clear that his pursuer won’t catch him, you also might notice the defender starts limping. The people who see him think, “Well, no wonder he didn’t make it. He’s hurt.”

When we’re attempting anything big, we can manufacture some powerful reasons why it won’t work. And if you tell your friends your goal, they will come up with more reasons why you’ll fail.

The people who succeed are those who see a way when others can’t.

Use your talent.

Do it now.

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