Does Jesus Have a Tattoo?

Revelation 19:16 tells us Jesus has the name “King of kings and Lord of lords” on His robe and on His thigh.

It’s not totally clear from reading different versions whether this inscription is on the garment over his thigh or on the thigh itself.
But what if it was on His thigh?
It sounds like it could be tattooed on. But whether or not it really is, there are three things that this inscription’s location teaches us.
The first thing that the Scripture passage here stresses is that the name is visible and conspicuous. You can’t miss it. John makes a special point of telling us that it is there.
Some tattoos are conspicuous too. I saw someone recently that had tattoos of stars on her face. I couldn’t miss that. Someone else had a striped pattern tattoo that started at his wrist and ended on his ear lobe. Since he was wearing a tank top, I couldn’t miss that one either.
Tattoos are conspicuous in general today because so many people have them. Sure, some can be covered with clothes but summer swims can reveal those secrets.
And no, you won’t go to hell if you have one. Or more than one.
Regardless of what you think of tattoos, this name on Jesus’ thigh was proper. He does rule and reign over all things and people. He existed before any of us and will still exist after we’re all dead. He won the victory over sin in His chosen people’s lives and gave them power over sin too. He will judge those who refuse His offer of salvation, so He has the upper hand there as well. Servants who took vows placed their hand under the master’s thigh. Sons received family blessings with their hand under the father’s thigh. So the location of the words signifies his authority.
Tattoos are another thing – permanent. Well, okay, you can have laser tattoo removal, but I hear that hurts a lot worse than getting the tattoo in the first place. But otherwise, a tattoo once inked and set is there to stay until you die.
Jesus’ lordship is permanent too. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). This is a great source of comfort to believers, knowing that not one hair can fall from our heads without God approving.
Christian, worship your King. 
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