Does Utter Destruction Change Hearts?

As Revelation 16 concludes, there is an account of bad weather that is worse than any we’ve ever seen.

In the South we’ve had tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hail. Lots of property has been damaged and destroyed, and lives have been lost.
If you watch the news reports, you can’t help but see that those who are in the path of these disasters seem to ring a common theme. They’re glad to be alive. They’ve taken stock of what is important and what isn’t. Some have come to Jesus because He’s their only hope. Others questioned why this happened to them and maybe wonder whether God is out to get them.
Let’s look at these responses in relation to this passage. The folks in this storm are in real distress. There’s no mention of anyone dying, but it’s possible with hailstones weighing one hundred pounds each!
If something solid that weighs even fifty pounds falls on you – trust me, you’ll feel it.
What is the people’s reaction to this storm of hefty hailstones? They hate it. Even more they hate the God who sent them. There’s no consideration on their part that they deserve this and more because they’ve chosen their own way over God’s. But it’s clear that they have to acknowledge this God has intense power that can no longer be ignored.
You’d think that some of them at least would fall on their knees and worship Him, begging Him for mercy. But their choices and response to life and God’s law have so hardened their hearts that even a disaster of this scale cannot move them to follow God.
This is the worse curse that can befall anyone. Consider the parable of the sower. There are all sorts of things that can happen to those seeds that fall on the side of the road. They get trampled by humans, and robbed of the Word’s power by the devil. The result is that any spark God would light never fans into a flame.
We are all in the same situation. We all have sinned and deserve God’s wrath. Everyone also has the opportunity to act when he hears the Gospel. Some do. Some don’t. Only God knows why. We only have ourselves to blame if we ignore that message and God to thank if we hear it and act.
Reflect on that. 
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