Tribe Builder's Manifesto

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Frank nails it with this little gem of a book for tribe builders!

Bryan Hutchinson, Positive Writer


The Tribe Builder’s Manifesto is for you if:
  • You a writer who wants to go pro one day.
  • You have a message that is too important to keep to yourself.
  • You’d like to make a living with your writing or your art and thought it was impossible.

You’re here because you see a flicker of hope that your dream is possible. Deep down you believe your gifts have value and you want the key that will help you unlock them and share them with the world.

You’ve got talent. You have ability. All you need now is a tribe.

A tribe is a group of people who will follow you, share your work, and buy your products. They are your raving fans, your biggest supporters, and your truest friends. They’re the ones that will help you make your dreams come true.

Here’s your road map.


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Tribe Builder’s Manifesto is a quick and easy read with helpful advice for writers on engaging readers, selling your ideas, and building a tribe. If you’re starting out then this book is worth a look.

On a side note I recently joined the Tribe Builder’s Network as well and am so impressed with the community. I highly recommend it.

Emily Clark


If you are a writer who is frustrated at not reaching your tribe successfully, I’ve got a book for you. This is for the serious writer who knows they have something of value to offer and they just need to know how to get it in the hands of their tribe.

You’ve already heard from people like Michael Hyatt,and Jeff Goins the value of reaching your tribe. And now you’ll hear how to do it from someone who has succeeded, selling 25,000 books himself.

The Tribe Builder’s Manifesto, by Frank McKinley is a clear, concise, conversational book that will show you step by step what you need to do to get your work in the hands of your tribe. You’ve already done the hard work of writing your book, or making a product. Now let Frank show you how to reach your goals.

The Tribe Writer’s Manifesto is not just a book, it’s a solution to a problem most writers face. You will learn how to sell without feeling slimy, how to influence someone to the point they want what you have to offer. You’ll even learn how to build that tribe of yours.

So get this book which will definitely give you answers to those questions you have. It’s more than a book, it’s an opportunity to reach your goals. I highly recommend this book.

Anne Peterson


The Tribe Builder’s Manifesto combines authentic wisdom and encouragement from Frank who actually walks his talk. Discover the power of community where authors support each other’s work, becoming friends and partners, but not competitors!

Meg Konovska


The Tribe Builder’s Manifesto is a valuable resource for every artist and writer! A 21-page great read! I highly recommend it! Written for anyone seeking how to grow a Tribe of loyal followers and supporters. Let’s face it your work matters and deserves attention! Frank introduces the benefits that joining communities hold for every creative. It was inspired by his recent and unique creation of The Tribe Builder’s Network. A Facebook group community where others gather to promote each other’s work. Within the first month of his starting the group 100 people joined! I’m one of those first 100 members. You can read my testimonial of the group inside the eBook.

Cori Mann


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