Faking it Like a Superhero

What do you see when you look at Superman? How about James Bond?

I’ll bet you see an uber confident figure who can stop a speeding bullet with his teeth, bend steel bars like they were rubber bands, and burn a hole through the center of the earth with his built-in heat vision.

We all want to look like we have our act together, don’t we? Like James Bond, we want to appear solid as a rock when the world is going crazy all around us. We want to charm the masses like Bill Clinton even though we know inside that we’re lying. We want to stand tall and unflapplabe like Superman when the pain of life hurls its bullets at us with the fury of a rapid fire machine gun.

The trouble is underneath the masks we wear none of us are like that.

But it’s easier to lie than to reveal our doubts. If we tell ourselves that we’re really good often enough, we start to believe it. That road can lead to nowhere fast. Like those seeds the sower threw on the side of the road, if we don’t grow, we die. If we do take root, it’s choked out by the lies we tell ourselves. 

We put on a good front. People may come up and ask how we do it. They might even imagine that the bathroom doesn’t stink after we’ve been in there for an hour thinking real hard.

The mask we we wear when we feel superior to others is one of arrogance, anger, and self-righteousness. We’re arrogant because we already know everything. We’re angry because people have the audacity to give us advice. We’re self-righteous because we believe that even God should feel honored to have us as one of His masterpieces. 

The truth is a lot different.

No matter how good you feel, you’ll still do it wrong sometimes. No matter how good your intentions, they’re still laced with sinful motives like flowers get laced with weeds. No matter how selfless you are, there is still a measure of self-interest that motivates you. 

If this makes you depressed, take heart. Nobody else really has it all together. Everyone gets scared. Everyone has doubts. Everyone feels pain. 

And everyone needs Jesus. 

Don’t worry about needing to feel superior. If you’re a child of God, you have value. So stand up straight. Be confident because you have a God who will always love you no matter how messed up you are. Walk tall and tell the world how great your God is, not how great you are.

Burn that mask of superiority and be yourself. In Christ, you really do have all you could ever want. 

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