Fill the Tank

As leaders move up the ranks, they tend to disconnect from their followers.

When you have a lot of responsibility, it’s easy to get lost in your tasks and forget that there are human beings working with you. Unless you’re a one man office, you can’t function without the help of others. And even if you’re a one man office, you need people to make any money and stay in business.
It’s important for leaders to be productive. It’s essential to drive performance in such a way that activity leads to accomplishment. If you don’t, you’re wasting time and precious resources.
The question a leader must ask is “Are my people with me on this mission?”
In other words, have they bought the idea for themselves?
Leaders have to be great salespeople.
You might be saying, “Oh, great, that is one more thing I need to put on my plate.” Well, whether you know it or not, great leaders are adept at motivating their people. When you do that, then the results you get can exceed what you might expect.
So how do you put a fire in someone’s belly?
There are several kinds of motivation.
First, there is fear motivation. This is when you threaten your team with “you’ll do this or else.” This puts people on edge and can work for a while. Otherwise, it makes them tense and causes errors.

Next is carrot and stick motivation. It’s when you dangle a carrot in front of a donkey, let him stretch to get a bite, then move it back so he’ll have to work harder to get it. It’s great as long as the donkey is hungry.
The third is seen in the fireplace. You have a fire going. But over time, it loses its power and starts to die down. If you want to keep it going, all you have to do is take out your poker and stir it up. You might add some more wood to keep it roaring. This works as long as there’s a spark.
It’s best if you can practice number three as much as possible.
Everyone wants to do good work. Just as all cars don’t use the same fuel, your team members are unique.
If you can touch the spark in each person and stir that fire, you’ll be a great leader.
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