Get Ready Cause Here I Come

When I read Revelation 22:6-7, the words of that 1968 Rare Earth song came to mind.

The person speaking to John and to us in this passage is no longer the angel, but the Lord of the angels and the prophets. It is Jesus Himself. He is the One who gave the prophets life, breath, and something to say.
It is from this basis that Jesus tells John that what He is saying is trustworthy and true. He is putting His reputation on the line. It is true because Jesus has a hand in making all these happen. He, being God, has the view of all of history, and can see how it all works out. Not only can He see history, He has written it from before time.
If you can’t trust someone with those credentials, whom can you trust?
Truth is powerful. It is the reason we can bank our hope on the Bible’s claims. It is why we can take Jesus at His word when He says that He was sent to us to be a sacrifice for all our sins – forever. We can lay the weight of all our guilt on what Jesus did because there is no chance He could be lying.
I ask you, what are the chances that so many throughout history could buy into belief in a God who doesn’t keep His promises? So far as I know, Christianity is the only religion that has roots in the very beginning of human history and still has adherents around the world to this day.
Since we can trust Jesus to tell us the truth, we can be sure He’s coming soon. What does that mean for us? First, I can’t tell you what the length of time “soon” is in relation to your own lifespan. But if the creationists are right, and the Earth is young, and that we’ve been here less than ten thousand years, then anything less than a million years seems “soon”.
The practical application is that we don’t know when. We can’t possibly. So all we can do is serve God now. Why wait until tomorrow? It may not come. Serve God while you can and He’ll be with you now. If you don’t, are you really sure you belong to Him?
If you know He loves you, you’ll serve Him now. 
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