Get Used to Disappointment

If next year is anything like this year and last year, I’m seriously thinking of becoming a monk who does nothing but transcribe documents from the Dark Ages.
Last year I invested nine months studying for an office I wasn’t called for. 
This year my wife and I spent nine months of emotional and physical labor on a house someone else will live in. 
Next year’s a blank slate – but I’ve set goals that I hope will make my life great again.
Whether I like it or not, life is unfair. It doesn’t care how hard I work, how much I sweat, or how hard I pray that things will go my way. It goes on, sometimes blessing me, sometimes not.
I don’t think God is out to get me. I’ve probably made some dumb choices based on what I knew at the time. Now it’s time to eat the fruit. 
Since life is full of thorns, I don’t see God as the Santa Claus in the sky either. I don’t blame my faith, or the lack of it, for causing any of this. Life is unpredictable. Do you know what tomorrow will bring?
I don’t hate anyone for doing me wrong. Besides, we all struggle with selfishness, self-righteousness, and understanding our true selves. If we really knew what lived deep inside us, we might all go insane.
Has this been painful? Absolutely. But if I’ve learned anything from a half century of living, it’s this. Sometimes you’re called to suffer. Don’t run from it. Let it teach you, disrupt you, change you. 
Otherwise, you’ll miss the gift it can give you – the love of a God who cares for you so much, He’ll do whatever it takes to shape you into exactly what He wants you to be.  
Now let’s have the best year we can, shall we?
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