Getting Better, Part 2

Last time we covered some powerful ways for you to feel good about yourself.

You may have noticed as you apply these suggestions that most of them are behavioral. As you change your behavior, you change yourself.
Now, lets discover some more ways to boost your esteem.
Smile at the people you meet. You never know who’s having a rotten day because someone came and dumped a thunderstorm into their morning sunshine. Your thoughtfulness might just make those clouds disperse.
Give compliments when you can. Be sincere about it. People appreciate kindness when it’s sincere; otherwise, it’s manipulative. And no one likes to be taken advantage of, especially when her own view of herself is on shaky ground.
Do something for someone else and don’t expect anything in return. This is unselfishness personified. It’s what they told us Santa was all about, right? But you can go one better than Santa and not care whether the recipient has been good or bad.
Keep a list of your own personal victories. This sounds vain, but it can be that ray of sunshine that lifts you out of the depths of despair and gives you hope that everything will be all right once again.
Learn from the successful failures. The players that make the most home runs are the same ones that struck out the most. Why? Because they swung the bat instead of just standing there, waiting for the chance to “walk” to base. The top salesperson misses more sales than the average salesperson because he talks to more people. Because he sees more people, he makes more sales. Take note of the top performers. See their persistence in the face of endless obstacles. You’ll find that the secret of success is really that you succeed most when you get up every time you’re knocked down.
Here’s a bonus. Confront one of the greatest fears facing mankind today and you’ll build your self-image. What is it? Public speaking. People would rather die than do this. I have only heard of two people who ever died during a speech, so it’s a lot safer than driving. Go for it. The rewards will be enormous, as you become an effective speaker.
That’s a half-dozen you can apply this week. Do it, and you’ll have some great stories to tell.
Now go change the world.
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