Getting Better, Part One

There are many things you can do toimprove your self-image. Today we’ll examine five of them.

First, it makes good sense to likeyourself. After all, you are with you all the time. You can’tescape from yourself, so you may as well enjoy your own company.
Think of your assets. If you can see,would you take a million dollars in exchange for your eyes? How aboutyour legs? If they can move you from here to there, I’ll bet youwouldn’t trade them for any amount of money. Do you have a strongback? Can you hear? All these assets are worth millions to you if youuse and appreciate them.
In order to use all your God-givenassets well, you need a solid foundation to stand on. Build your lifeon character, faith, integrity, love, loyalty, and honesty and you’llhave everything you could ever want – health, wealth, friends,peace of mind, security, and a lot more.
Second, science confirms you havevalue. Consider your brain. It can store more information than allthe libraries in the world. It is more advanced than the mostsophisticated computer in the world because it can do what thatcomputer can’t – originate thoughts.
Third, the Bible confirms you havevalue. God not only created you, He loves you. You were created inHis image, only slightly lower than the angels. Jesus said, “What Ihave done, you can do also, and greater works than these.” How’sthat for inspiration?
God doesn’t make mistakes. He createdyou for a purpose and it’s up to you to make it come true. He’sgiven you everything you need to start. Since He gave you thatpurpose, He will also make available what you need to acquire to makeyour dreams reality.
Fourth, take pride in your appearance.When you dress up, clean up, and put your best foot forward, yourperformance will be better.
Fifth, read biographies of successfulpeople who used what they had to make a difference in the world. Takenote of their struggles, perseverance, and action. See how much theygot out of life by chasing their dreams until they became reality.
Take the five steps we’ve outlined andyou’ll be well on your way to a healthier self-image. Start thismorning and see results by this afternoon!
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