Give God Your Money

I’ve been a tither for much of my adult life. I had this habit instilled in me for much of youth and since I didn’t want to make God sad, I gave Him my money.

Of course, I kept some for myself.

Proverbs 3:9-10 tells us, “Honor The Lord with your wealth, and with the first fruits of all your produce.” A blessing is promised if you do.

Tithing is easy enough to understand. The first ten percent of what you earn leaves little to the imagination, unless you want to split hairs and argue whether God means “gross” or “net”. Since that isn’t spelled out, I’ll leave it to the Holy Spirit to reveal to you which is best.

Besides, it’s really more about your motivation than anything else.

Are you as generous to God as He has been to you?

Let me make this point. If you’re a follower of Christ, all the money you could ever earn in a hundred lifetimes could not match God’s generosity to you. You were rescued from death and given new life. Can you buy that anywhere else? You were adopted into a royal family. Could you have arranged that with a bribe?

You can’t match God’s generosity. That’s why your attitude is so important. Since God has been so gracious and liberal with you, you’re now free to do that with your money. This goes far beyond the ten percent. The passage says to honor God with your wealth. Did you notice that there were no limits placed on it?

Now we’ve all got bills. But think of this. If you have a family, you have a home, electricity, TV, games, food, clothing, and everything else because you want them all to be happy. At least some of these things you could well argue are necessary. You have all this because you want happiness for yourself and for others.

It’s the same reason God makes it possible for you to have those things. He saved you from death and despair so you could have the most lasting happiness man can ever know.

So, go ahead and honor God with all your wealth. Invest in other people’s happiness.

We could go on and on about what it means to honor God. But isn’t happiness a great place to start?

Now to the reward.

Some out there would motivate you to give to their cause with the promise that if you do God will bless you. When you’re considering any such offer, let me challenge you with this. Will they show you how they plan to honor God with your gift? If they won’t, then you should honor God with your gift elsewhere.

If you sincerely want to honor God with your wealth, you can trust Him to meet your needs. It’s the best investment you can make, with better returns than the stock market, and freedom from the decay of changing values.

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