God is in Charge, But You’re Responsible

Proverbs 3:19, 20 tells us that God is in control. We see there that He created the world around us. He also set in motion the weather patterns we experience.

Whether or not you acknowledge that there is a God at all, you can’t deny the fact that you have no say whatsoever in whether the day has rain, snow, or sunshine. You don’t get a vote on what the temperature will be at any given hour. You just have to deal with it.

So God is in control, but you’re responsible.

How does your responsibility play out?

If its cold outside, it’s your choice to turn on the heat or to risk getting frostbite. You can wear shorts or dress in layers. If you want to build a fire in your fireplace, you’ll have to get some wood, stack it up, and throw a lit match on it.

Life has its good and bad days. You don’t know when you get out of bed which one is in store. But this much is true. You do have control over your emotional thermostat. God has given you the power to respond or react to external circumstances. You can make lemonade of the lemons life hands you or you can let your grapes turn sour.

The choice is yours.

I can’t tell you why God brings what He does into your life. I’m just not that smart. But I have learned that we can be some pretty blind, stubborn creatures. Sometimes the only way we can learn is to ride a tidal wave. It’s great if you can learn from someone else’s misfortunes, but some of life’s most valuable lessons come when we fall into the furnace of affliction. If you want to be golden, you’ll have to go through the Refiner’s fire.

You can’t see trials as a good thing unless you know that the God who brings them loves you too much to let you flounder in foolishness. God doesn’t bring trials because He’s mad at you. He already spent His anger on Jesus when He saved you.

So if you know God as your Father and you know He loves you, doesn’t that give you more than enough strength to live through any storm?

Remember that when the day is dark. Run to Jesus for shelter. You’ll be safe there no matter how your ship bounces.

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