Have You Ever Felt You Weren’t Good Enough for God to Love?

When I was young, I always worried about whether I’d done something wrong. I hated it when anybody got mad at me. It stung like a thousand needles to feel more unworthy than I already felt about myself.

Sound familiar?

I just got through writing the second chapter of my upcoming book, Grace-Soaked Sinners. In it, I examine the struggle we all face when we think we aren’t good enough for God to love us anymore.

We buy into the lie that He has a limited supply of patience, love, and grace to dispense.

We believe that after we keep doing the same sins over and over, He decides to wring His hands and say, “Enough is enough.” 

We feel guilty and wonder, “Did God really mean what He said? Am I really forgiven of everything forever?”

Here’s the Problem

We don’t think the Gospel is good enough.

We trust our feelings instead of the truth.

We think God judges us the same way we do others.

It’s all wrapped up in love based on performance.

Think of all the ways we judge people by performance.

When you go to a job interview, what do they want to see? Your past performance.

When you invest in a friendship, what determines whether you’ll go deeper? Your friend’s current performance.

When a couple gets married, what do they promise to do? Perform in the future based on vows.

Since performance-based acceptance permeates all of life, we figure God thinks that way too. After all, aren’t we created in His image?

And the Solution is ….

If you’re worried about your performance, run to Jesus.

If you can’t stop sinning, no matter how hard you try, run to Jesus.

If you just don’t feel clean enough, good enough, or worthy enough, run to Jesus.

When you run to Him, you surrender all your worries about your performance. You trade in your slavery to your feelings for a never-ending source of joy and freedom. You give up the need to fix everything yourself so you can feel right with God.

Soak in This 

What Will Change

When you rest in God’s promise that your debt really is paid, you’ll experience at least three things:

1. You won’t be so judgmental.

2. You can love others where they are.

3. You’ll pray more and worry less.

Won’t that make you a better friend? Won’t that kill the Pharisee in you? Won’t that make the Gospel better than you ever believed it was?

Soak in that. It’ll change everything!

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