Here I Go Again

If you’ve been around me lately, you know I have a health problem.

I went to another doctor today. As it turns out, the last diagnosis was wrong. I don’t have a hernia. I have something called a hydrocele. If you want to know what that is, there is a lot of great information on the web. Now that you know how to spell it, it should be a snap.
I haven’t escaped another doctor visit, or surgery later. In two weeks, I get to play the game again. I am one of those Americans who don’t have insurance, so the next doctor is cutting me a break and knocking 40% off what he normally gets.
I can live with that.
It’s great to know that the more information I get, the less threatening my condition becomes. I started off thinking I might have cancer and that death could be out in the hall waiting to pounce on me. Then I believed I had a hernia. So I spent the weekend not lifting anything and generally playing the invalid. Now that I understand (I’d rather say that since every time I thought I knew, I was wrong) I have a hydrocele, the remedy and recovery won’t be so bad.
But I will still be uncomfortable for the next two weeks.
I’m thankful for a lot of things. I’m thankful for Facebook, which sends my news to friends as far away as Alaska to be a part of their prayers. The outpouring of concern from friends has made the scary moments bearable as I’ve spent those lonely hours in waiting rooms and anticipating doctor visits. The people at work have been great, and some of them have told me they were praying for me.
I’ve also learned a few things, maybe not for the first time. I’ve learned that God holds all the cards. I can pray about this, and request that He do something this very minute. But He doesn’t always accede to my demands. I know deep down that He is wiser than me and that sometimes He answers differently than I want and expect. But in the end I have to believe it’s all for my ultimate good.
At least my life will go on somewhat normally for now. And I know that soon, this too shall pass.
God really is good.
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