How Do You See Yourself?

Your self-image is the key to your success or failure in life.

That’s a pretty bold statement. Lets take a moment to flesh it out, shall we?

There are three ways your self-image determines the quality of your life.

The first way is summed up in this statement: you cannot perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.

If you call on a customer and you believe you’ll make that sale, chances are you will. On the other hand, if you don’t believe you’ll make the sale, you may not even pick up the phone or knock on the door.

A lot of how we think about ourselves has been carved as we grow up. Others condition us to lose. Perhaps it’s jealousy, since misery loves company. Or maybe if he can’t do it, then he doesn’t think you can either. So he plants the seeds of failure in your mind.

We can get hardened over time and develop beliefs that forge into habits. But don’t think that you’re stuck with your habits. Just as a long term smoker can lay down the cigarettes if he chooses, you are still pliable as long as you’re alive.

Here’s the second way your self-image shapes the quality of your life. Your mind is an amazing mechanism. Whatever you tell it to do, it does. For instance, if you want to hit the golf ball onto the green you’ve got to see yourself doing it. Then your mind paints the picture. You take aim, swing, and off the ball goes to the green.

You might be saying to yourself that this doesn’t always work. Sure, that is true. But you won’t hit the green if you see the ball going into the lake, will you? Every time it hits the green, it’s because you believed it would. Because you expected it, you took the necessary actions to make it true.

The third way your self-image affects your success is based on the law of sowing and reaping. What you plant is what you harvest. If you prepare yourself to win, you have a much better chance of winning. If you feed your mind mediocre thoughts, your results will be average at best.

So how do you see yourself? Your future lies in your answer.

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