How to Make Good Decisions

There are at least two reasons you make decisions. First, you do what brings you pleasure, regardless of whether it is right. Second, you do what is right, whether or not it brings you pleasure.

There are three temptations that we encounter when faced with a decision.

The first one is money. It is appealing and sometimes even practical to make decisions that are driven by a desire to save money. Another way to look at it is this – you decide based on your desire not to lose money.

The second temptation is wanting to please your family at any cost.

And last but not least, there is the temptation to do what is popular. Politics isn’t just the game played in government. It’s played in every organization everywhere.

In all three scenarios you can choose based on pleasure or on principle. Does that mean then that the two are mutually exclusive?

No. Doing what’s right ultimately brings peace of mind, despite the pain. And that brings a more lasting kind of pleasure than expediency can.

Here’s how the temptations challenge us to choose. If your decision to save money violates a core value, would you make it? If keeping your family happy causes you to violate a commitment, will they really benefit from that choice? If you choose to do what is popular or convenient and you violate a core value, will you be ready to deal with the damage control you’ll have to do?

The choice is yours.

The point of having values is to let them guide you as you make decisions, big or small.

Here’s a bonus. Bathe your decisions in prayer. Jesus did it. Do you think you can do better than He did? No matter what the decision is, you can’t go wrong by praying over it.

If you want to make good decisions, weigh them all by your values. When you’re tempted to take what you think is the easy way out, remember your values. If you do this, your dreams really will come true.

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