How We Really Attract Success

I read a book once about the Law of Attraction. In it, the author asserted that if you send out your intentions into the universe, you can have everything you want.

I try it every time it rains. If there is anything to it, all it can say is it doesn’t have half a chance of working. The weather God will bring rain if that’s what He wants. All the intentions in the world won’t stop it. 

So I decided to carry a raincoat. 

There is a power that works like a magnet to help you reach your goals. It’s the last block in the second level of the Pyramid of Success. It’s a lot like perseverance and determination, but it’s better. That’s because it envelopes both of those qualities. It’s not mere intention. This building block is Intentness.

Intentness has three powerful qualities that lead to accomplishment.

The first quality is focus.

If you take pictures with your phone or some other kind of camera, you know the best shots come when you snap it with a steady hand. A still lens brings the image into focus. The better the focus, the finer the image. If your hand should quiver, the moment you capture will be out of focus. The clarity you could have had will be lost forever.

Focus requires you to be free of distractions. Distractions are like commercials during your favorite show. They intrude and interrupt the momentum the show was building until then. Maybe you’ll be in suspense, but the longer the break, the harder the performers will have to work to regain your attention.

The second quality of Intentness is patience

When we’re kids, Christmas is one of the most exciting events in our lives. In July, it can seem like it’s a hundred years away, can’t it? But we don’t have a choice there. No matter what we do, it will still take six months for Christmas to arrive. 

Goals are different. If they’re big, it can take a while to get there. Consider your favorite football team. You want them to win the championship. But to get there, they have to play all the games during the regular season. 

Be patient while taking action toward achievement. 

The third quality is ingenuity

During the winter, you have to be careful driving. Deer often appear from nowhere. It’s as if the sound of an approaching car is the cue for that buck to cross the road – ten feet in front of your car. Unprepared drivers have a choice. They can hit the deer. They can attempt to drive around it. They can slam on the brakes in the expectation they won’t hit the massive animal. 

The path to achievement is filled with obstacles. Sometimes you can plow through them. Other times it just doesn’t make sense. You might have to jump over them, go around them, or under them. Or maybe you’ll need to take a detour.

Obstacles are tests of Intentness. The options are to give up or press on. An obstacle requires a course adjustment. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should change your mind about getting to your destination. Apply some ingenuity and the choice will become clear.

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, try a little Intentness

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