How Will You Weather the Storm?

It’s been a couple days since tornadoes swept through the Eastern United States. The news informed me that 14 people died as of Friday night.

If you have a television, you’ve probably seen wall to wall coverage of storms before. This time was no different. Over and over again, we were told that the storms could become really severe. They predicted the exact time the twister could hit each community. So go. Run. Take cover.
And by all means, get away from the frigging TV!
Storm coverage is a mixed bag. It’s good to have information that will prepare you for a possible crisis. It’s helpful to know if you might be plowed under by Mother Nature. But you have to remember what the slant of most news broadcasts is. They use fear to motivate you to adopt certain beliefs and behaviors.
Will you be able to see through the fog?
Fear is a powerful motivator. I’ll admit I watched the coverage for several hours because I wanted to know what might happen when it got close to me. Should I stay or should I go? Well, if those winds were still over ninety miles an hour and twisting, the answer was clear.
Of course, the undeniable fact about storms is that there is a large element about them that is outside our control. Worry won’t change that one bit. If worry motivates you to prayer, then thank God for it. But if it paralyzes you into sitting there and awaiting your destruction, it has locked you into a prison that will wreck your life.
The same principle applies to the rest of your life too.
So if you find yourself in a perilous situation, pray. Do what you can to protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t let fear paralyze you. If you belong to God, He’s with you. So rest. Whatever happens, it’s for your good. Even if your property is demolished. I know that sounds crazy, but trust me, if you’re walking with Him, He’ll help you see you through the storm – literally. And in the end, you’ll know it was for the best.
Storms reveal a couple things. First, it shows us what is really in our control and what isn’t. Second, it reveals our hearts to us.
The challenge is in what you do with what you’ve learned.  
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