I Hate Change

And so do you.

Nostalgia sells well, doesn’t it? There’s always been an oldies station within reach of my radio. The Internet has scores of them. And public radio plays music from centuries past.
We love the old stuff. I could listen to the music I grew up with for the rest of my life.
The roads near the neighborhood where I grew up look nothing like they did when I was a kid. There are stores where houses once sat. There is an elementary school where a middle school was. The bank I used as a teenager has changed hands at least three times. The same road now has a center turn lane.
And it was one of the last ones in town to have one.
There’s probably something you grew up with that you wish was still around.
The problem is that life is full of change. Often we don’t get a choice in the changes that come into our lives. God brings them because it is His perfect right to do so. He does it for our good and for our joy, even if we don’t understand that at the time.
One thing we can take joy in is that God Himself doesn’t change. He may seem to when He answers prayer in the Scriptures. But the reality is when the story is told, He is seen as repenting so we can understand Him just a little. It is in those moments of compassion that we see His grace.
When we sit around and pine for days gone by, we are holding on to something that God doesn’t intend for us to hold on to. In essence, we’re saying to Him, “I wouldn’t have done that if I were You.” But we aren’t, so we don’t get a vote.
God will give us a say, though.
That is what prayer is about. We can come to God and voice our concerns and complaints. Better for Him to hear them than to whine to the rest of the world, don’t you think? You run the risk of running off all your friends who don’t love you as much as God does when you gripe.
Revelation 18 reveals the death of an evil empire. It stands in contrast to a new Heaven and a new Earth that will be free of all that ruined Babylon. 
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