I’m Never Exercising the Same Way Again

Today I decided to change the way I exercise.

If you’ve been following me lately, you know I have this problem called a hydrocele. Actually, every man has them. It’s when they fill with fluid that you check with the doctor.

I’ve seen three about mine.

I’m a reader. So since I forgot to ask the doctor today about exercise, I googled it. One article said walking and aerobics can be beneficial, so I’ve decided I’m going to walk.

I’m starting tomorrow.

Ha ha you say. That’s the procrastinator’s motto. Never begin today what you can the next day. Or the next. Or never.

The real reason I’m starting tomorrow is because it’s too late tonight to walk.

Walking appeals to me for a variety of reasons.

First, it’s low impact.

Second, I can let my mind roam wherever it will while I’m walking. This is great for a writer like me.

Third, I can have that long talk with God I put off while I was working. I can go into great detail. I can complain, rejoice, beg, and sing without ever opening my mouth.

Of course, I talk out loud to Him when I’m in the car.

Fourth, I can walk for what seems like forever and not be sore afterwards.

Fifth, I can listen to someone else talk with the benefit of ear buds. This affords me the opportunity to learn without opening a book.

Besides, I’ll be reading when I get home anyway.

My plan is to let you know what I’ve learned during my walks, at least periodically. I love to learn. And since I love to write, I love to share.

Thanks for listening.

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