Is Wisdom Better Than Money?

What if you had to choose between having wisdom and having money?

As I write this, we live in a challenging economy. Since the Presidential election, hundreds, if not thousands of people have lost their jobs. Why? Their employers fear a steep rise in taxes. So to avoid the effect of paying more, many business owners have decided to cut back.

If you were to ask someone in that position whether they’d like wisdom or money, what do you think they might say?

The answer reveals how you think.

When you don’t have money, it very tempting to opt for some of it over wisdom. After all, you need money to get stuff. The grocer won’t let you fill your cupboard by showing him how smart you are, will he? He needs money. Even if you put it on the credit card, eventually you will need some money to keep the phone from ringing every night during dinner.

If your mind operates in the present, you won’t treat your money with respect. It’s what having money without wisdom looks like. Consider this. When the government sends out tax refund checks each spring, advertisers chomp at the bit to be there first when that windfall leaves your grubby little hands. In fact, some will even advance you your refund so you can buy now.

If you listen to them, soon your money will be gone.

If you have money without wisdom, soon you won’t have either.

Suppose you chose wisdom over money. Proverbs 3:13-18 goes into great detail about how valuable wisdom is to those who have it. You should search for it like you would a lost treasure chest. And like money, it has value when it is used.

If you have wisdom, you’ll treat your money with respect. You’ll know it doesn’t come as easily as it goes. And once it’s gone, you can get more, but not without some sacrifice.

Another advantage of having wisdom instead of money is that with wisdom you can get money.

So which would you choose?

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