It Might Kill You or It Might Just Make Your Life Worth Living Again

You’ve seen the ads. A new drug can make it possible for you to live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and forget you ever had it. In other words, you can live life the way you used to with the promise that using this new drug offers.

But there are risks.
You might have diarrhea. You might forget to set your alarm clock. You might rob a liquor store. You might find yourself in Vegas and wake up married.
Or you could have dry mouth, clogged ears, and yellow fingernails.
But your life just might get way better if the drug works like it has for many others.
It’s easy to discount the possibilities when we hear a laundry list of risks.
Before you spit on the prospect of a better tomorrow, remember this. Life isn’t perfect. We live in a world where things are broken. When someone invests time and money to find a solution to a problem that some people face, we ought to applaud them for it.
There are reasons the drug companies have to reveal the risks. When your kids get their shots, you’re handed a sheet of paper listing the possible side effects of the shots. But often, the side effects pale in comparison to the disease the vaccination works to prevent. You need to know what could happen.
And of course, the drug company doesn’t want to get sued because they didn’t tell you.
Isn’t a better life worth the risk?
It’s the same with the rest of life.
If you want to do something great, you’ll experience failure. You’ll have to spend some money, time, and research making your work better. It will take experimentation and a lot of perseverance. And since we don’t live in a perfect world, it’s possible you might spend a lifetime making your solution better and better.
Failure is part of the investment that leads to success.
Now don’t you think anything that can improve others’ lives is worth the time, effort, and sacrifice required to create it?
Now go out there and make the change you were designed to make in the world.
We’re all waiting for you.  
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