Jesus is a Chain Breaker

The greatest news in history is the theme of Romans 1:3. Jesus Christ, the long promised seed of David and God’s own Son, came to earth as one of us.

So, Joan Osborne, you don’t have to wonder what if. God was one of us. He looked like us. He dressed like us. He ate and drank and went to the bathroom like us.

He didn’t stand out in His appearance. But when He opened His mouth, the wisdom of the ages came out. Through His deeds He revealed Himself as more than just an average guy. Yes, He was fully man. What set him apart was that He was also fully God at the same time.

To some this wasn’t obvious. By nature, we suffer from spiritual blindness. Our sin dulls our senses. It keeps us from seeing God when He’s acting right before our eyes.

Adam gave everyone after him a legacy of sin. It’s like being infected with a virus that won’t ever die. Try as we may, we’re just not strong enough to shake loose it’s shackles.

Jesus came to be a chain breaker.

The Jews of Jesus’ day misunderstood this. They wanted someone who would break the shackles of visible and immediate human oppressors. Jesus came to break sin’s chains.

What we all miss is that when Jesus breaks our chains, we’re free to confront the evil oppressors we face in the outside world. When the guilt of our sin is gone, we begin to realize that God is always with us. That takes on new meaning when we see that He deeply loves us.

Duty may drive us to do things well, but love frees us to do them beautifully. Don’t we all perform better in an atmosphere of love than one of fear?

You’re loved deeply by a God who keeps His promises. Let that love drive you to follow Him.

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