Keeping Your Engine Running

Saturdays offer me two choices. The first is to just lounge around and fall into the rut that laziness can dig on a day off.  The second is to do something that is not job related but is either interesting or just needs to be done. 

My choice will make all the difference in how satisfied I feel when the day ends. 

We all experience lulls in our jobs. We go to work day after day and do the same thing. Sure, if you’re productive you’ll get some satisfaction from that. But if there are few new challenges, your satisfaction level may plateau into boredom. 

That’s when you need to experience satisfaction outside your job. 

One of my outside activities is Toastmasters. Each speech provides a new challenge to prepare, persuade, and perform. If I deliver a great speech, the feeling afterward will lift me up for days. And that spills over into my work and personal lives. It gives me a more well-rounded experience of accomplishment than if I restricted my striving to work. 

So when Saturday rolls around, I can choose to work on a speech, do something around the house, or participate in a community project. 

Or I can watch movies, reality shows, or cartoons. 

The choice I make determines how I feel when the sun sets. 

This doesn’t mean you should never rest or that you should always work. The key is balance. Find what works for you.

What do you do outside work that gives you a feeling of accomplishment? What do you do for recreation that gives you a chance to excel? 

Find it and you’ll be better at work, at home, and elsewhere.  

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