Leading by Immediacy

Tonight I attended the third Thursday meeting of my Toastmasters club.

We’re a pretty small group. In fact, tonight only four members, including myself, were in attendance.

No officers were there.

But the Area Governor was.

Fortunately, we had two speakers and a Table Topics Master. For those who don’t know, the Table Topics part of the meeting is an opportunity for members to answer questions they haven’t prepared for beforehand. It’s a great chance to practice thinking on your feet.

My opportunity tonight was to pull a meeting together. I conducted the business, emceed the educational part we all love, evaluated one of the speeches as well as how the meeting went. I also served as the encourager of the night, challenging the group to make the most of this opportunity regardless of the circumstances.

The lesson here is that when the call to lead presents itself, step up, take it by the horns, and give it all you’ve got. You’ll grow. The group will benefit as you inspire them with hope and action. I’ve done this a number of times now and every time I have, I’ve grown and everyone has been glad I stepped up.

When you’re called to lead, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Maybe it’s your turn. If you need help, you’ll get it. Have faith and lead. If you care about others, your leadership can be your greatest gift to them.

Oh, by the way, I think the Area Governor was glad I stepped up. Since we all pay to be there, I sincerely wanted to do everything in my power to give a good return on our members’ investment.

All in all, things turned out pretty well.

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