Learn Everything You Need to Be a Great Leader in One Afternoon

Are you new to leadership?

Have you been a leader for a while and would like to know what qualities will make you a better leader?

Would you like a handy guide to refer to when you need to brush up on leadership traits?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, these books are for you.

Each book is intended to be read quickly.

For one, you’re probably already busy enough. You don’t have time to read a 300-page book. You need quick tips, without fluff, and actionable skills you can use right now.


Here’s what you can expect from each one:

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Ten Steps to Effective Leadership

10 Steps to Effective Leadership: Strategies to Maximize Your Potential

  • Three things you should always delegate to your team
  • A proven 3-step plan to overcome leadership panic
  • 3 ways you can spark your creativity even if you don’t think you’re creative

How to Lead Unwilling Followers

How to Lead Unwilling Followers: Strategies to Overcome Resistance

  • How to see every conflict as an opportunity
  • How to decide what’s worth fighting about – and what isn’t
  • How to say what you mean so you can get what you want

Strong Leadership
Strong Leadership: 7 Learnable Traits That Guarantee Leadership Success

  • How to form strong bonds with your team that are nearly impossible to break
  • A strong problem-solving formula that can be applied to any troublesome situation
  • How to make a commitment and stick with it no matter how hard it is to do so

Public Speaking Secrets

Public Speaking Secrets: How to Overcome Fear and Use What You Have to Make a Great Speech

  • A solid method of preparation that will help you remember everything you need to say
  • How to neutralize stage fright so you can focus on your message and forget about your critics
  • How to use your eyes and your voice to mesmerize any audience – even if you’re the shyest person you know

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