Life Goes On

As I write this, it’s the day after the Presidential Election of 2012.

If you voted for Romney, you might feel like your life is over. You may think that what is coming down the road is going to end America as we know it. Perhaps you’re angry, confused, and frustrated. Your Facebook status will show which particular emotion you’re feeling – dismay over the results with doomsday rants or a simple resignation that God is still in control.

If you’re an Obama supporter, you may be celebrating now. You might bristle slightly at your conservative friends’ rude comments but since your guy won, you don’t care that much about it. You think that this guy can do things better this time around so you voted for him.

Either way, life ones on.

I don’t normally cover the same passage twice, but since this is my piece, I can do what I want.

Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts. A lot of us invest a big part of ourselves in politics, especially when there is a Presidential election. We think that man has a lot of influence and of course, he does. But is he someone worth staking our lives on, regardless of his beliefs and promises?

Consider this. We have the right to vote and we should. Many people around the world don’t have a say in who leads them. Even if we the people elect someone all of us don’t like, it’s good to know we at least had a chance to influence that in a small way with our vote. And further, if we don’t like what’s going on in Washington, we can write or call our leaders and let them know what we think. If you were to do this in some places, you’d be writing your death sentence.

So be thankful, use your voice, and participate. There is still freedom to do that.

If we trust in our leaders as having more authority than God gives them, what are we really saying? Practically, we’re telling God, “I really don’t trust you to do the right thing.”

What if the right thing isn’t what you think it is?

If you look at the history of Israel in Scripture, you see a messy timeline. There were good kings who followed God pretty well. But then their kids might go after the gods nearby. And as the leaders go, so go the people. Sometimes the people would go into exile. Other times they would enjoy prosperity. There would be times of peace and times of war.

Sounds a bit like our own history, doesn’t it?

None of this ever catches God by surprise. In fact, everything that happens is according to His plan. I confess I don’t always get what He’s up to. If you’re honest, you’d have to say you don’t either. God is God. He always does the best thing and uses it to accomplish His plan. The reason it’s hard to trust Him is that we spend more time trying to figure out why He does what He does instead of just trusting Him.

Besides, if God doesn’t tell you why, it’s because you don’t need to know.

Life goes on. You still have to live your life. So go about your business and trust that God won’t let you down on what’s best for you right now. If you don’t get it, tell Him. He’ll listen, adjust your circumstances, or adjust you to fit them.

Either way you win.

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