Life is an Amusement Park

Yesterday my family and I went to Six Flags.

The fact that someone died recently at one of their parks did not deter us. 

If you’ve ever been to an amusement park during the busy season, you’ve done this. You’ve got to ride something, or why go? The challenge is that lots of other people want to ride, too. So you all stand there and inch along a zigzag course outlined with metal bars. And to keep you from jumping the line, the alternating open passageways are closed with heavy metal links of chain. The pain of waiting is ameliorated by screens flashing clips of nostalgic television shows separated by commercials from park sponsors. If the screens aren’t there, you might hear selections from 40 songs that cycle through an endless loop for your listening enjoyment.

After you’ve waited either a few minutes or more than an hour, you get to ride.

Of course, the ride is not nearly as long as the wait. 

Well, not unless the ride is low on the list of popular rides. 

Life is a lot like that. 

If you want to be successful, you’ve got to pay the price of that success. There’s no telling for sure how long the wait in line will be. But you’ll have to go through it if you want to ride. 

But then there’s the fast pass. 

You might be able to accelerate your success with some education. You might have to pay more for it than if you just stood in line by going through the motions. But even with a fast pass you have to go through a line. The advantage is you get to the ride faster.

The thrill of riding might be all you expected and more. But it might also be scary and make you sick. It’s possible you could change your mind halfway there and spend a half hour for nothing. It might be hard to get out since there are obstacles called people behind you that you’ll leave to ask permission to pass. 

What’s worse is leaving the line and asking people for permission to return to the place in line that you gave up. 

It’s better overall to just decide what you want to do nd see it through to the end. If its the biggest thrill of your life so far, you can ride again and again. If the ride disappointed you more than going to the prom and having your date leave with someone else, just remember you can ride something else next. 

Take that to heart the next time Monday rolls around.

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