Look! It’s a Trap!

Last time we talked about the two victims in a robbery in Proverbs 1:11-19. First, there is the one who is robbed. Then there is the robber, as we see in v. 17-19.

There’s something about sin that makes it appealing. Now of course, it depends on the particular sin and how attracted you are to it. It’s the attraction that makes us blind to the fact that we’re walking into a trap. Only after we’re turned upside down and snared in the net that just jacked us up do we realize we are in trouble.

Here’s one that is typical of our day. It’s one that is found in the plot lines of your favorite films and novels. Or maybe it has been closer to home than your TV screen.

What is it?

The office romance.

It all starts innocently enough. You hang out with someone of the opposite sex, maybe for lunch. Perhaps you find yourself going to the water cooler when that special person just happens to be there. Little by little you find yourself enjoying the other’s company. Before you know it, you’re emotionally committed.

Then it blossoms away from work.

Now, if you’re not married, be careful that you don’t end up in bed before you pledge your everlasting love. If you’re married (to someone else), this is nothing but trouble that will unravel your life in ways you never imagined. You can’t have this and have a family too. You can’t live a double life and expect to keep it hidden, especially as you get more deeply involved.

That’s how sin grows. It starts with an idea. Then you take a chance. If you succeed, you push the bar further and further until either guilt stops you or embarrassing exposure does.

If a bird can see a net spread before him, then why can’t we?

For you to see a trap clearly, you have to see sin for what it is. If you rationalize to yourself that it won’t hurt you, it’s like spreading a net, covering it with leaves and brush, and then forgetting about it.

A little maturity can go a long way in saving you from setting traps for yourself.

The Proverbs are great at keeping your feet unsnared as you walk through life. Stay with me, and we’ll clear the nets together.

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