Love Doesn’t Mean Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Have you ever seen the movie Love Story? 
If you haven’t, it’s understandable. After all, it probably came out 40 years ago. 
The most memorable thing about the movie is its signature line: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” 
I get the sentiment. If you love someone, you should know each other so well you’d never possibly offend them. And when you do accidentally offend that special someone, your commitment should make apologies unnecessary.
Try to build a relationship on that and you’ll need to keep meeting new people to love. 
The truth is nobody is perfect. Given the right circumstances, we will offend those we love. And if we keep on doing it, how many times do you think we’ll be forgiven?
If you were the one who was offended, then how would you feel if your offender didn’t apologize?
The other night I was watching the Munsters. Herman and Lily had an argument because Herman got home late from a party. Since neither of them were willing to apologize, they both visited(separately) a therapist. 
The therapist told them both to apologize first – before the other could.
So then they got in an argument about that!
Only when Lily thought she’d lose Herman did she forgive him. 
Don’t wait until someone is knocking on death’s door to forgive him. Don’t wait for him to go first. If you care about the relationship, you’ll do what it takes to make it last. 
That means always saying sorry when you hurt those you love. 
Those who love apologize. And those who love them forgive. 
Isn’t that the Gospel?
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