What I Love About Tribe Conference 2017: The Story From Those Who Were There

Frank, Jackie, and Jeff Tribe Conference 2017

If you read my post last week, you know I learned 3 Unforgettable Lessons at the Tribe Conference.

One person who heard me on stage said I sounded like Paul Harvey. So in that spirit, let me say:

Now you’re going to hear the rest of the story.

I asked attendees what they loved most about the Conference. Again and again, I heard answers that define what being in a Tribe really means. If the people in your tribe say these things about it, you’re richly blessed indeed.


Here’s what this year’s attendees said:

Finding my new best friends.

Brianna Lamberson


The community.

Catherine Hughes


Face time with other wanna-preneurs who are trying to figure it out just like me!

Terri Carr


The hope it produces.

Clay Frazier


The camaraderie and readiness to support each other!

Terri Carr


The artistic way Jeff wove all of everything into a beautiful woven finished product.

Laura McCoy


Endless generosity.

Beth Gross


Meeting with other Memoir writers!

Laura Naughton


The people.

Tracie Rollins


Initiating a new tribe of Dekaazens who shared their quotable wit and wisdom in hundreds of dekaaz. Collection coming soon!

Rachel Bagby


That I was there and partook of the scene – I invested in myself, and my investment paid high dividends in personal growth and new friends.

Danielle Bernock


The people. They are Friendly, encouraging, supportive and helpful.

Nora O’Malley


The reminder that we all have important stories to tell that can heal and inspire others along their journey! The chance to hear wonderful speakers and the opportunity to meet so many talented writers and make new friends.

Andrea Cadelli


The realization that I have found my Tribe … that finally, I’m in the right place, doing the work I’m meant to do.

Kay Bolden


Community is great, and it’s even better face-to-face!

Nicole Akers

Community is Essential to a Thriving Tribe

You may have noticed that most of the comments had more to do with what happened in the crowd than on the stage.

Now believe me, the speakers were fantastic. If you were to watch the videos, you’d be amazed at how great the material was. But it’s like listening to a sermon without going to church. Without the people interaction – the hugs, the handshakes, and the unconditional love – the experience is only half as good.

This Conference is called Tribe for a reason. If you want to be a successful writer, you’ve got to serve people. You’ve got to gather people around your big idea and give them space to grow and thrive. And you’ve got to love them enough to give them your very best every single time.

So forget about chasing the numbers. Solve people’s problems. Lend a hand. Encourage their dreams. Do that and the numbers will take care of themselves.

Do This Now

Did these responses inspire you?

  • Share this post with your social networks.
  • Join a writing group that will support you and allow you to support others – and participate regularly.
  • Reach out to other writers in your niche and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.

Build your tribe today and your future will be brighter tomorrow!

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  1. Nice post Frank! Inspiring indeed… I feel like I’m already part of your tribe, even though we haven’t met in person yet. Hope to attend this conference someday and meet with you and with other like-minded writers. All the best!

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