Making Sense of the Senseless

What happened today in Newtown, Connecticut is worse than anything I could possibly imagine.

My sympathies and prayers go out to the families who are going through unimaginable pain. Can you even fathom getting the phone call that your child has been a victim in a mass shooting at his or her school?

The kids that were there will be scarred forever. It could be years before they feel safe anywhere. Granted, they, their parents, and their community will have to go on with life to maintain any sense of sanity. No doubt it will be very hard to shake the terrifying sights and sounds.

During my life, I’ve found that you’re really not totally safe anywhere. There’s no guarantee that when you go to work, some disgruntled coworker who has decided to give in to the depths of his rage won’t come in with a machine gun and exterminate your whole office. We saw recently that mall shoppers aren’t totally free from gunfire either. Then there’s the movie theater massacre.

Until something like this happens to you, it’s easy to think it won’t.

I was in an armed robbery a number of years ago. I wasn’t scared at the time. I was more consumed with how I was going to survive and get rid of that guy. Fortunately, the police had come by a week or two before that and distributed flyers about what to do in an armed robbery. That information probably saved my life. I cooperated, gave him my cell phone, and all the money in the till and the safe.

I lived because he didn’t shoot me.

The next few days I felt the pain of the experience set in. But I went back to work.

Be thankful that most of the time you really are safe. While you could find yourself in trouble, the occasions are still rare. There is a God who restrains more evil than we know. I have no idea why He allows what He does. I can only trust that He is wise even when I don’t have a clue. You don’t always get to see the good that happens to individuals in the midst of tragedies. Sometimes life’s greatest triumphs find their seeds in the worst of times.

Pray for those families in Connecticut. When you can help someone in pain, do it. Overcome evil with good.

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