Managing Yourself Effectively

Today starts a new series. I’ll be sharing the wisdom of Fred Smith, Sr. over the coming weeks.

If you thought Zig Ziglar was good, you’ll love Fred. Don’t know who he is? He was mentor to John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Pat Williams, Ken Blanchard and others.
It’s interesting that in the first chapter of Breakfast With Fred (the book Fred’s daughter Brenda put together from lessons he taught at his famous breakfast meetings over the years) is the subject of self-management.
Why do you try to lose weight and fail? Why do you intend to exercise and find it hard to go to the gym? Why do you give in when that tempting treat at the table beckons you to eat it?
If you really want to get to the root of the problem, you have to admit, “My problem is me.”
Chances are no one forced you to eat ten scoops of ice cream last night at midnight. There wasn’t a gunman at the gym to keep you from going in. Other things vie for our attention, and if we don’t have a plan, we will go with the tastiest alternative.
Here’s a statement that should take care of your productivity struggles. The only reason for activity is accomplishment. If you’re not getting results, what are you busy for?
Fred makes some powerful points to describe someone who is busy but not productive.
First, education is not the problem. Some of us spend time studying our jobs rather than doing the important work. Chances are we know more than we’re using. It’s the use of what we know that impacts our productivity.
Second, some people spend a lot of time doing busy work but not accomplishing anything. They’re like firemen, putting out fires but not constructing buildings.
Here’s the prescription for
Here’s a prescription to boost your productivity.
First, have a definite plan of action. It starts with knowing what you want to accomplish, then working backward to get there. If your destination is in view, you’ll know the roads you have to travel to get there.
Second, add a burning desire to succeed. You’ll have a hard time doing what it takes to succeed if you’re as thrilled as mud. Those who don’t necessarily feel like doing it, but are led by a desire to achieve, do some of the best work. 
Now go manage yourself to win.
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