Monday Shooting Blues

​​This morning I awoke with absolutely no idea of what would happen.

It’s easy to go about your business and have no thought about possible tragedy. In fact, when you turn on the news in th morning what do you expect to hear? If it isn’t murder, corruption, or theft, then would there be any news? 

If you want to hear anything good around you that’s happening, you’d have to read a book by Regina Brett.

I was talking with a customer today and she told me about three people being shot in the next county. Also over the weekend, a man and woman up the road from her got into a fight and one shot the other. 

She then wondered aloud, “What makes folks want to do that to each other?”

I said, “I can’t speak to an individual’s motives. But evil is at the heart of it all.” 

She agreed. 

We then both agreed to change the subject after I mentioned the flower arrangement on her desk. 

Friends, it doesn’t matter whether you have a gun or not. If you’re bent on killing someone, a kitchen knife will do. Or if you’re like one of the deadly women profiled on the ID channel, antifreeze will do the trick. If you don’t have either of those, the belt around your waist will strangle someone if held against his neck long and hard enough.

Now don’t get any ideas. 

It’s horrible what violence happens in our world. I got a taste of just how much is concealed behind my neighbors’ doors when I served a round on my local grand jury. It’s surely the grace of God that conceals much of this from my daily thoughts so that I’m willing to open my front door and venture out into the world. 

If you live in Washington, my prayers are with you. If you don’t, thank God for the safety you enjoy. Then pray for those whose lives have been torn apart by the gunman in the Washington Navy Yard. 

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