My Third Doctor Visit

Today I visited the third doctor I’ve seen this year.

Today’s visit wasn’t quite so nerve wracking. I’m kind of getting used to this. I went knowing what was wrong. I don’t feel any pain right now and that is wonderful.

This doctor’s office was the nicest. They had tablet computers for patients to enter info. There were windows throughout the waiting room. Since no children visit I didn’t have to watch Barney. Thank God for small blessings! The staff were friendly and answered any question I had.

When I saw the doctor, he assured me that if he were a betting man, there is no cancer. But just to be sure, I have an ultrasound next Tuesday. In a few weeks, I follow up to discuss the ultrasound results.

Perhaps the best news yet is that if I can live with this, I won’t need surgery.

Thanks for all your prayers. We serve a great God! The best case scenario going forward is that the doctor’s hunch is right and I can go on with my life.

I’m thankful that when I need help, I’ve found God to be faithful. I may not always get what I expect but I can be sure He is always with me, He will protect me in the face of my worst fears, and in the end, He always works things for my good.

That’s something you can always bet on.

I’ll share more as details come in.

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